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pentahotel Chemnitz -

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Coffee & Tea

€ 5.00


€ 5.00

Lunch Standard

€ 22.00

Lunch Budget

€ 12.00


€ 11.00

Lunch Buffet at the restaurant

€ 19.00


€ 8.00


€ 22.00

Afternoon snack

€ 8.50



€ 19.00


€ 89.00

Speaker's Desk

€ 45.00


€ 85.00

Music system

€ 49.00

Facilitator's Box

€ 19.00

Pens & Paper

€ 3.00

Metaplan Board

€ 19.00

Request Hotel Rooms

Please let us know how many hotel room options you require. Our partner Merolt will receive the info and then provide you with a non-binding quote for accomodation close to your meeting location.

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