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Coffee & Tea

€ 10.00


€ 5.00

Lunch Standard

€ 25.00

Lunch Budget

€ 19.00


€ 8.00

Fruit basket

€ 12.00

Lunch Buffet at the restaurant

€ 17.00


€ 25.00

Afternoon snack

€ 10.00



€ 10.00


€ 75.00

Legamaster Equipment

Legamaster Equipment

Legamaster provides high quality workshop equipment for your Meeting. The bought equipment will get shipped to your booked space within 2 working days. You are buying the Legamaster equipment so you can take it with you after your event.

Meeting Kit Deluxe

€ 138.99

Facilitator's Box by Legamaster

€ 99.99

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