Is free of charge for the booker?

Yes, booking your meeting rooms via is absolutely free of charge.


Can I also book big meetings via

Our main focus are small and medium-sized meetings with up to 30 attendees. However, some rooms on can fit more.


Can I change or cancel my booking via

Yes, all changes/cancellations can be done via the MyAccount section on


How do I know if my booking was successful? will send you a booking confirmation after every booking to the provided email address.


How can I contact the venue? 

The venue's contact information can be found in the email booking confirmation.


How can I contact Okanda?

You can contact us via +49 221 29191099 or


Can I book more than one meetings in one booking process?

We will offer the possibility to book more than one meeting in one booking process shortly. For now we kindly ask you to finish one booking before starting the other.


Can I also book hotel rooms on

We will offer the possibility to book hotel rooms on shortly.


In which order are venues listed in the search results?

By default shows you venues sorted by distance from your destination within the chosen radius and set search parameters. Alternatively you can choose to display results sorted by price.


Does influence the search results?

Venues recommended by Okanda are marked specifically but do not influence the neutral listing of results.


Can meeting rooms be searched by specific criteria?

Yes, there are filters on the results page where additional criteria can be set in order to specify the search.


I forgot my log in data. How can I regain access?

You can find a link to restore your password on the log in page at the MyAccount section. Please contact the Okanda service team at in case of any further questions.


Does the stated date and time refer to the time zone of the booker or the venue?

Date and time always refer to the local time of the venue.


When and where is a meeting or a meeting room paid?

You pay at the venue after your meeting. Any other payment options should be discussed with the venue directly.


How can I pay?

Payment options are up the venue. In addition to the traditional payment options you can also pay via your AirPlus Company Account.


Can I reserve a meeting/meeting room before a definite booking?

No, is a booking platform for direct bookings of meetings and meeting rooms. Therefore it is not possible to only reserve a meeting room.


Can I rate a meeting venue?

We will be offering the possibility to rate venues shortly.


Can I compare meeting rooms?

We will be offering a comparison tool shortly.


Can I save a selection of meeting rooms in order to book them later?

We will be offering the possibility to save rooms before booking them shortly.


Can I print a list of selected meeting rooms?

Yes, a list of selected meeting rooms can be printed.


Can I search for particular meeting venues (e.g. hotel name)?

We will be offering the possibility to search for a particular meeting venue shortly.


Can I search for particular hotel brands?

We will be offering the possibility to search for a particular hotel brand shortly.


Who is behind Okanda?

Okanda was founded in 2014 by two hotel experts and is an online platform to book meeting rooms fast and the uncomplicated way.